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List Junkie

Boundaries have blurred for most these days. If you are still working from home, you know what I mean.

Hopefully at this point you have created a separate work area for yourself, even if that means a shelf on the wall… if you have an actual desk or office, congratulations you are living large!

One of the biggest challenges clients keep presenting with is maintaining a boundary between their work and personal lives. Being able to be present in their personal life once they are done for the day.

First, let’s define that last statement. What does it mean to be “done for the day?”

Identify that. Best practice is to make your list the day before.

If your type of work permits try to determine that the day before, if not do it day of.

Things may always come up but if you have a general sense of your final task of the day then you will have an easier time stepping away once your “done for the day” task is completed.

Become a list expert.

Making lists has never been more important. Distractions at home during the workday have some people work until 10pm. Don’t be that person. Create a framework and plan how you will utilize the time within it.

Detailed time allocations and all, something like:

9-10am XYZ

10:30-11 XYZ

11-11:15 XYZ

11:15-12 XYZ

4:30-4:45 Make to do list for next day

4:40-5pm Tidy up desk

BE THAT SPECIFIC. The more specific you are the more you will get done. We can roughly estimate how long something will take us. Just in case you get it wrong, build in some miscellaneous time. I would spread one hour worth of time throughout the day dedicated to miscellaneous.

So go on and make those lists for tomorrow. Identify your done for the day task. Set the boundary!


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